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Air treatment

The root zone system BioVentic is an air treatment system based on light soil filter with vegetation/root zone.

Contaminated air is pressed through the filter by ventilator. Energy consumption is 38watt/h.

Installation has been set up in Denmark, Sweden, Holland and USA.

The system transfers contaminated air to clean air in your environment.

It reduces dust, germs and bacteria. Bio Ventic - clean air has been tested for treating 500 chemicals. In addition, this system cools air, stabilizes indoors climate makes no noise and it is designed to raise comfort and health with 50%.


Measurements on installations have shown the following results:

  • Health and comfort condition based on Questionnaires from Glostrup Hospital showed that health and comfort problems are in average reduced with 50%.
  • Temperature is reduced due to high evaporation from the soil media and the plants. The temperature reduction is approximately 3 oC diversified from 2 – 5 oC. The cooling reduces the relative humidity and evaporation helps raising the relative humidity.
  • PM10 was significant reduced 2-29% in Post-Denmark office and 15% in Transform office comparing with and without air treatment.
  • At Bank office “Fælleskassen” it was observed that the installation could clean for PM10 relative to the external reference approx. 75%, and relative to the internal reference at “Fælleskassen” 50%.
  • Chemical reductions tested in climate chambers (Aarhus University) with efficiency 90 % when comparing with and without air treatment.
  • 22 smell-based chemicals are tested between intake and outlet with efficiency 80-99% for the chosen chemicals and 25-71% for ammonia.
  • Bacteria were reduced with 81-95% when comparing values between intake and discharge in the root zone.
  • Micro fungi in the air were reduced by 89 % when the soil was covered with limestone. However, the same test, without limestone, increased the emission of micro fungi a factor 3.
  • Efficiency based on number of fungal spores/m3 air showed an 81 % reduction after passing through root zone covered with limestone. However, yeast cells from plants can be given free and raise concentration nearby the vegetation.
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