BioFertilizer- Waste to value

Agriculture sector

At transform we are dedicated to creating value from waste by using eco-friendly compost technology to produce Biofertilizers that are used to increase yields by farmers interested in sustainable agriculture.

Our enriched fertilizers help to suppress diseases and ward off pests. They also help farmers to save by reducing in the use of pesticide, and conserve natural resources.

Closed systems - Heat composting

Organic waste is mixed with sludge and composted in an isolated bioreactor. At the correct mixing ratio of sludge and waste the temperature will rise within 48 hours to 70oC when air is introduced mechanically. In this way, the input materials are hygienic, dehydrated and stabilized. Under careful process monitoring, organic substances are degraded under release of water, carbon dioxide and nitrous compounds. All exhausts are purified in a biofilter. After about two weeks the end product is ready for application as fertilizer/soil improver or for storage under further composting.

Low Energy Techology