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Natural Cooling

Transform´s natural cooling systems saves energy and provides excellent means of cooling surroundings naturally.
The system is also called passive ventilation, uses natural outside air movement and pressure differences to both passively cool and ventilate a building.

Natural ventilation is important because it can provide and move fresh air without fans. For warm and hot climates, it can help meet a building's cooling loads without using mechanical air conditioning systems. This can be a large fraction of a building's total energy use.


  • Bearing construction in concrete and brick wall for storage of heat.
  • Large window-areas for passive sun heating and sunlight.
  • Ground heating generated by air intake through concrete channels in basement.
  • Solar heaters for under-floor heating.

Quality and ventilation
  • Natural ventilation which can be controlled individually according to needs and season variation.
  • Air intake can be ground cooled during high solar influx.
  • Summer night cooling of the floor.
  • Combined sun and wind chimney to fluctuate the natural ventilation.


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