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Water Treatment - Rootzone Technology
Waste Management - Waste2Value / Nutrient Recirculation
Air Purification - BioVentic
  • Rethinking
    Sustainability & Economic Development
  • Rootzone Waste Water Treatment System
    Reduce Reuse Recycle
  • Greening the Desert
    Nature Based Waste Water Treatment
  • Natural Air Treatment Plants
    Indoor Air Quality Solution
  • Waste to Value
    Organic Waste to Bio Fertilizers
  • Recycle up to 90%
    Car Wash Waste Water Recirculation

Water Treatment – Rootzone Technology

Transform af 1994 ApS ´s technology is a nature based wastewater treatment system that removes contaminat through a range of natural process supported by complex interactions between water, plants microorganisms, soil/gravel media and the atmosphere, while using the power of nature and energy from the sun , polluted water can be cleaned in a sustainable way with minimum operation and maintainace costs.

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Sludge management – Rootzone Technology

Mineralisation plants for reduction of sludge volumes. The method has been introduced to the oil sector with a number of plants.

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